Cheap Drugs from Foreign Countries!!!!!! Call now.

I was recently told of a friend of a relative of mine who buys penicillin through her daughter who lives in Russia. This relative of mine thought that was great, and offered to get me some. The conversation went something like this–

Me: “… ”

Relative: “It’s really cheap… they save a lot of money”

Me: “Illegally imported drugs from a mafia-run country… What part of that sounded like a good idea to you?”

Relative: “What’s the problem?”

Me: “…”

Relative: “I think it’s a blessing. If someone you knew gave you $100,000 that they won gambling in Vegas, would you take it? They’re run by mobsters too”

Other Relative, Laughing: “At least you’d know it was real money!”

Relative: “Well, drugs are so expensive in this country.”

Me: “Well, quite aside from the fact that we can be reasonably sure that drugs sold here don’t have rat poison in them, which I expect runs up costs some, there’s the whole issue of R&D expenses(blah blah blah Friedman / Cato free market stuff)”

Relative: “Well I just won’t tell you when I get it then.”

I am just amazed that any rational adult would think this was a smart idea. On top of that, look at this link I saw that very same night.

I’m fairly certain the relative in question doesn’t know how to use the Internet, so if anyone else knows who I’m referring to here, please don’t tell them I posted this story.

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