As long as we’re banning vestiges of racism, let’s ban the Democratic Party

So if flying the Confederate stars and bars is now a horrible thing to do, because of what the flag stood for a hundred and fifty years ago, why don’t people demand the banning of the Democrat party, since that party stood for racism just fifty years ago?  The Democrat party was a white supremacist organization for most of its history, and I frankly suspect that it still is, using welfare simply to dominate minorities and imprison them as permanent subservient clients of the state.  It was Democratic governors in the era of Jim Crow and segregation that put those flags up as an act of defiance against the rest of the country demanding they stop treating blacks as second-hand citizens.  The reinvention of the Democratic party as the champion of minorities is scarcely less than two generations old, and since all their policies just hurt poor minorities, at some point maybe we need to consider the possibility that this is not because of their incompetence, but their malice.

I wish that Republican governors of the South would say, “Yes, let’s take down this vestige of Democrat Party white supremacist rule in the south.”

I’m not a southerner, and don’t really have a dog in this fight.  I think the people of the South should make the decision.  And I absolutely cannot stand the hypocrisy of people using the Charlotte shooting as an opportunity to take political shots at completely irrelevant issues.