Multiculturalism Is Not a Coherent Ideology

Claiming to be in favor of multiculturalism is self-contradictory.  It doesn’t even rise to the level of being wrong.  It’s absurd.

Multiculturalism is the claim that one is in favor of or accepting of multiple cultures existing side by side with one another in the same society.  But this is impossible.  It’s impossible simply because some cultures are virulently opposed to the existence of any culture but their own.  Many understandings of Islam, for example, rejects all dissent on religious or legal matters.  Some Muslims are tolerant and have non-totalitarian understandings of their faith (at least, that’s what I’m told, and what some of them say, so I’ll take their word for it, at least for the sake of the argument).  But some Muslims undoubtedly do have a totalitarian view of the nature of their faith.  This not a small number of people, either.  It runs to the tens of millions at least, probably more like hundreds of millions.  So is the multiculturalist in favor of that culture?  Does he permit within his culture a culture that will seek to destroy all others?  If so, is he actually in favor of multiculturalism?

So what is it really?  Is multiculturalism really something more like chemotherapy, where you introduce poisons into the body, with the hope that those poisons will kill your cancer faster than they kill you?  And if that’s the case, what is the cancer that the multiculturalist hopes to kill with the poisons he’s introducing?  Surely he knows that the introduction of cultures that are hostile to traditions of the west such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and equality of women under the law, will harm those traditions?  Or is that perhaps his intent?

Robert Putnam‘s thorough study showed that multiculturalism destroys trust within society.  And trust is necessary to society.  Perhaps it is the case that even after all these decades, the multiculturalists are actually ignorant of the damage they are doing to western civilization?  And that is the more benign explanation.  The other one is that they actually do know what they’re doing.  So what is the cancer they are trying to kill, and to what end?  Why do they want to destroy trust within society?  Why do they want to break down the ties that bind us together?  Or if that is not their goal, what is their goal that is so important they are willing to accept this terrible cost?  I think these are questions we really need to be asking.

We also need to deeply internalize the fact that if someone calls you a racist just because you want to have this conversation, it is very likely that they simply really don’t want to have the conversation, which should raise some questions itself.

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