Promoting God’s Law is More Important than a Successful Trump Presidency

From Calvin’s commentary on Isaiah 1:23-

…no disease is more injurious than that which spreads from the head into the whole body, so no evil is more destructive in a commonwealth than a wicked and depraved prince, who conveys his corruptions into the whole body both by his example and by the liberty which he allows.  Hence, too, comes the proverb, “like mistress, like maids.”

I confess to being optimistic for the possible good things that may be done by President Trump.  We know what Hillary’s presidency would have brought.

But there is a great danger here, and that is that Christians, for fear of undermining Trump’s power and thus derailing those possible good things, will refrain from speaking out against his immorality.  I have already witnessed much of this.  But there is far more at stake here than legislative victories and Supreme Court justices.  The real problem in America is the wickedness of its people, and it seems likely that Trump, at least by his personal example, will indeed mainstream behaviors that we Christians ought to find unacceptable.  This is one persistent fear I hear voiced by his opponents, and one that I find among the most plausible, that many young men will grow up believing that the sort of talk and behavior that Trump has demonstrated toward women is acceptable.  We must be clear that it is not.

Now, it is pretty rich for the same political party who celebrated Bill Clinton, who invited rappers like Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar (Obama’s favorite rapper) to now be lecturing us about moral standards.  But liberal hypocrisy aside, the danger is nonetheless real, and Christians ought not be blinded to it out of a hope for transient political gain.

3 thoughts on “Promoting God’s Law is More Important than a Successful Trump Presidency

  1. Hennie says:

    If Christians had fulfilled the mandate handed down by God (to make disciples of all nations), we would not have this problem now, would we?
    If we as parents do not give the right example of how to live Godly lives and to stand up for the Truth, even when we are ridiculed or threatened, how can we expect to get a Godly man in the Oval Office?
    It all starts at the home, not in the Oval Office.
    Unfortunately we are all sinners, but fortunately we Jesus came to set us free from our sins if we believe on Him.
    Change the world, start at home.
    The Bible has enough stories where God uses sinners and so called non-christian leaders for the purpose of furthering His Kingdom.
    Dare to see God at work, even if Trump is not perfect. Before God he may be perfect enough to be used by God.
    God is using sinners like you and me isn’t He? So why not Trump?
    Dare to believe in miracles.

    1. Matt Powell says:

      I agree with most of what you wrote, though I’m not really sure how this comment is responding to the specific issue I raised. I am certain God will use Trump, but that doesn’t speak to how He is using Trump. Everything is part of God’s plan, but sometimes destroying wicked nations is part of His plan. The specific issue I am raising is that Christians had better not be so anxious for Trump to do what we hope he does that we ignore all his moral failings and stop calling sin what it is. Every president has moral failings, of course, just like every human being, but I don’t know of any president, supported by so many Christians, with such glaring and obvious moral failings as this one. Thus the danger.

      And yes, I plan to start at home. I plan to start by teaching my boys that the way Trump has talked and acted toward women is totally unacceptable.

  2. Kevin says:

    I was originally quite happy we elected president Trump. However, today I believe we Christians made a horrible mistake. To be clear, I find Hillary to be abhorrent, but at least we already knew the devil she was. Trump on the other hand has twisted all morality beyond, I fear, an hope of repair. I have watched in dismay as people who are supposed to be Christians toss all Christian moral values aside because of how trump acts and says. He has made young Christian men believe it’s okay to denigrate women, have multiple partners and marriages. He has twisted Christ’s message of compassion into one more closely resimblling that of th anti-christ. I don’t believe he is a Christian and I believe he only cares about his own wealth and power. We made a mistake giving that immorally corrupt man power. At least with Hillary, we already knew the devil we were getting. With trump he has clouded our Christian judgement behind a false prophet. We cannot let that man stay in power.

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