Riots Are Not Protests

I agree with this wholeheartedly:

  • Let police use the time-tested, old-fashioned methods to quell riots.

  • Prosecute and jail those calling for the President-elect’s assassination.

  • Toss vandals in the hoosegow. Give them the maximum sentence.

  • Arrest those who illegally block traffic and disturb the peace. Truncheon those who resist arrest. Insist on large monetary penalties.

  • Prosecute for conspiracy and racketeering those who funded illegal riots and disturbances of the peace.

  • Institute martial law (when necessary). Restore order.

The second someone throws a brick at a protest, they should be treated as enemies of civilization with all that entails.  The second someone throws things at police or at windows of shops, they lose all right to express any political opinion at all, for they are at war with the country.

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