I have just completed a move from Colorado Springs, CO to Limon, CO. This is a big change for me and my family, from a town of 350,000 to a town of 2500.

Culture shock!

1: People actually talk to you here. Even people you don’t know. I already know more about my neighbors here than I did in five years in my house in the Springs. (one’s a drywaller, another has a race car).

2: There is no street delivery of mail. So, you go to the post office to pick up your mail every day and see your friends and neighbors also picking up their mail, and while you are there, you talk to people (see point one). The post office is about the busiest place I’ve seen so far in Limon (but then I haven’t made it out to the Rusty Spur saloon yet).

3: They have clothes in the hardware store in Limon. It seems that a small town like this cannot support too many (or any) department stores, or fashion boutiques. So, most of the shopping gets done on trips into the Springs or Denver (both about an hour away). But if you need clothes right away for some reason, then the hardware store can take care of you, or the drugstore. Kind of like how dentists used to also perform surgery.

Also, it rains here a lot more than in the Springs, at least so far.

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