I was on Barnes and Noble’s web site earlier today (buying _Cracked_ by Dr. Pinsky, see below) and noticed they had _The Scarlet Letter_ as the featured book for Banned Book Week. So I took a quick peek at their list- _Huckleberry Finn_, _Lord of the Flies_, etc etc- all the usual suspects.

Can anyone guess which book, which most-frequently-banned book was not on their list? I’ll give you a hint- this book has been actually banned, not just removed from library shelves or taken off the high-school reading lists. Actually banned, as in, you get killed in nasty ways if you get caught with it. Yes, that’s right, the Bible has apparently not been banned enough to make Barnes and Noble’s list, although _Jude the Obscure_ made it. Does that seem stupid to anyone other than me?

On another topic, I’d just like to say that _Jude the Obscure_ is my favorite Thomas Hardy novel, although I’ve never read it. I’ve never read any Thomas Hardy novel. I just like the name.

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