Katie, with all her 13 month old energy and poor self-discipline, accompanied me to Limon’s public library story hour. It seemed like a good idea at the time–perhaps a tool to help her get used to extended periods of stillness.

She put the wooden shapes in all the wrong areas on the puzzle board in front of us as I and the other children and moms watched the librarian, Lucy, perch on her stool. Lucy, reading Arthur’s Computer Disaster ,tried to convince us with great animation that this was a riveting and amazing story. I have to admit, in spite of the obvious over dramatization, I found myself laughing loudly at Arthur’s little sister several times. I realized I was the only one laughing so, scanning the table and finding the children and other mothers were looking on with blank stares, I sat up in my chair and tried to compose a look of sophistication and boredom.

I tried to visit with the other mothers after the story, but found every question I posed could never be answered. Just as another mother would open her mouth to answer me, I would excuse myself to chase Katie into the adult section of the library. This exercise was great for the cardiovascular, but frustrating for the mind. I gave up and excused myself. The librarian kindly invited us back next week, but after seeing Lucy’s performance with the story, I wasn’t fooled by her enthusiasm.


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