We got a good taste of leisurely small-town life last night. We went out for dinner at a local restaurant at around five thirty, thinking it was a little early to go out. There were two other couples at the small restaurant, and we got our menus and ordered drinks. We were served our drinks in about five minutes and placed our orders. I noticed at this point that one of the other couples, who already had their drinks when we sat down, had brought newspapers to read. I thought perhaps they were just antisocial, but as it turned out they were just prepared for the leisurely pace of food service here.

We got our salads at ten after six, and our main courses around a quarter to seven. We ate pretty fast, as little Katie just does not have patience for two-hour dining experiences, and had left by five after seven or so. Everyone at the restaurant was very friendly and attentive, and nobody seemed to think it at all odd that our entrees took almost an hour to arrive after being ordered. I guess if I need to eat fast, I’d just better go to McDonalds.

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