Marriage Protection Week

I’m not sure what the best way is for us to support marriage as an institution, beyond the obvious of living out the Biblical teaching of marriage in our own personal lives. Here’s an effort by Bush to support a traditional view of marriage, though, and I applaud it.

I am riddled with doubt, however- I can see this just making the pro-marriage side of things look ineffectual, and causing more controversy than support for the issue. I sure don’t know what exactly I would do about it if I were in Bush’s shoes, so I’m mostly glad we have a president who’s willing to do something.

If we on the traditional side of things are correct, then in the long term we are guaranteed success, since those segments of our society which support a traditional view of marriage will be the only ones capable of successfully reproducing themselves (and I don’t mean in the narrow biological sense). When the dust clears, we’ll be the only ones standing. It would be nice, however, if our whole society didn’t have to collapse in ruin to get us there.

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