Movie Review- Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher is a horror movie based on a Stephen King book. In the movie, four friends are given paranormal abilities as a gift for a heroic act, rescuing a young retarded boy from a group of bullies. As adults, they are confronted with a much larger task- stopping an alien invasion.

It’s a fun movie, overall. It’s not what you’d call remarkable or memorable, but it is fun. The acting’s all at least competent. Morgan Freeman is dependable as always, although he’s not given much to work with. He’s the crazy army guy who’s been secretly battling the aliens for years. It’s a pretty paint-by-the-numbers kind of part. Donnie Wahlberg is interesting as the retarded boy grown up, and Tom Sizemore Owen, is the younger Army guy who is replacing Abrahams (Freeman).

Oddly, the four friends, who are the leads, are the weakest part of the casting. They are good when they’re joking around with each other, but most of the movie’s serious (it is a horror movie after all) and they seemed like they just couldn’t take it very seriously the rest of the time. Thomas Jane as Henry was especially odd- he appeared to be on the verge of bursting into laughter during some of the movie’s grimmest moments.

The plot itself is quite thin. Standard monster movie stuff really. The “dreamcatcher” theme probably had a little more substance to it in the book. I didn’t see the point of it in the movie at all. It could have been left out entirely without damage to the plot. But then they would have lost the title of the movie and had to call it “Bugs from Space” or something.

It’s very gory, and there’s a lot of bad language in it- be warned. But overall it’s a fun monster movie if that’s what you want.

2 out of 5 stars.

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