Netflix ROX, by the way. You may have noticed the banner. The deal is, you go onto their website and pick out a list of movies you want to see. They have like 15 thousand titles, on DVD. You pay a flat monthly fee, $20, and they send you the first three movies on your list. You take as long as you want to watch them, no late fees. As soon as you return one, in the postage-paid envelope they give you, they send you the next one. It’s great. I’ve been a member for a couple of years, and now that I’m so far from movie theaters and Blockbusters, we get the maximum out at a time- 8.

This is especially great if you like to see movies that are older or foreign or independent. Even when we were in Colorado Springs, there were a lot of movies we couldn’t find at the local rental shop. But they have about everything that’s on DVD.

Self-interest disclaimer- I get paid if you click on my banner and sign up. But I’ve been telling people for a while how great it is for free, so I’m OK with that. I hope you can be too.

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