I guess I could blog about this, but I really didn’t intend this blog to be about everything wrong in the world, so I’ll skip it. Lots of other folks will do great analysis anyway. Click on a few random links to the right and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of perceptive comment.

So instead, let me tell you about something great that’s happened. I was given a pig. A dead, butchered, all-sausaged-up pig. Bacon, chops, ham, the works. One of the ranchers in my church gave it to me as a gift.

I have never had such good meat in my whole life, I’m pretty sure. Or at least not in a while. I think I’m ruined now. Not perhaps only on store-bought pork, but maybe on enjoyment of life in general. I’ll be saying, “That was a nice sunset. A fine Scotch. I sure enjoyed that concert. That episode of Teen Girl Squad was awesome.”

But it wasn’t as good as that pork.

And to throw in something theological- you know why we traditionally eat pork on Easter? Because Easter’s the reason we’re not Jews anymore.

Jews don’t get to eat pork. Neither do Muslims. I feel sorry for them. Mostly because they don’t know Jesus, but also a little bit because they don’t get to eat pork.

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