The Rumsfeld memo- The Denver Post toes the line

An echo, not a choice.

The Denver Post essentially repeats USA Today’s line that the leaked Rumsfeld memo is a sign that the war is not going well. It would have been nice to see some independent thinking from a local paper, but it would also be touchingly naive to expect that paper to be the Denver Post. I shouldn’t blame them too much, I guess. They didn’t write the article, they just ran the AP line.

The assessments of Virginia Postrel and Bryan Preston seem very reasonable, which would explain why USA Today and the AP took such a different tack. (A great summary of the whole story, including the links above, is on- you guessed it- Instapundit.)

Stories like this make me wish all those people crying over the dreadful state of civil liberties in this country were just a little bit less wrong than they are. It’d be nice to see someone beaten to death thrown in jail for treason over leaking that memo.

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