I saw a blog today called Dell Inspiron 600m Stuff. Somebody started a blog for their laptop. “News and Clues for the Dell Inspiron 600m”.

This is what is so great about the Internet. Well, that and Homestar Runner. In my mind, this is the hugest waste of bandwidth imaginable, especially since there’s a bunch of pages already devoted to that subject here.

But of course, that’s because I don’t own a Dell Inspiron 600m. If I did, I probably would want all the information on it I could get, and the less of it that came from Sri Lanka the better. So helpful tips from a fellow Dell enthusiast would probably come in handy.

The Dell Inspiron 600m blog was just started, so as of right now there are no helpful tips or news items about it. I’m sure there will be many interesting tidbits posted there in the future, so keep an eye out, especially if you own one. If you don’t own one, I’d reconsider buying one, because Dell uses child slave labor funded by drug profits funneled through the International Zionist Conspiracy and Big Oil. I know, because I used to work at HP and they told me so.

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