Man Was Not Meant To Be Alone

I know, because I’ve been alone all week.

My productivity has gone through the floor. My life has spiraled into an embarrassing smelly mess of unwashed dishes, frozen pizzas and video games until three in the morning. It feels like college again, except without all the insecurity (Wait, I think that might be coming back too).

I suppose if I actually had to live alone permanently, I could adjust. I’d have to, because the way I’m going I’d end up like the plumber in Brazil, except instead of being engulfed and eaten by pieces of paper, I’ll be buried in Hot Pocket wrappers.

I think Diablo fogs my brain. Normally I’d have more to say, but this week, all I can think about is ‘click kill click kill click kill- ooh, a mana leech broadsword!!’

Sad, really.

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