So I had this dream…

I had a weird dream the other night. I know what they say- nobody thinks your dreams are interesting except you. But this one was pretty weird. And Lileks got to tell us his dream, so I’m telling you mine. If you don’t like it, just hit alt-f4.

So in it, I’m fighting this gangster guy, real snoop-dog type, called the Neck Cutter. He’s called that because he’s got this really nasty switchblade. So I’m casting spells on him (yes, too much Diablo lately) but I do one of the spells wrong and turn him into a genie by mistake. So now he’s a Gangsta Genie.

This transformation also transformed his switchblade. Now it’s like a butcherknife, but still a switchblade. So it’s a switchblade butcherknife (butcherblade switchknife?). Also it flies through the air on its own. And, naturally, it’s the source of all of th Neck Cutter’s powers.

So somehow I get the knife away from him, and take off. He’s only a half-powered genie without his knife, so he can’t just zap me, but he does come chasing after me. I’m holding on to the switchblade, keeping it closed so it doesn’t get me, but it’s trying to open, and due to poor product design the sharp edge of the switchblade opens out, so it’s cutting the crap out of my hand, trying to open up. So I’ve got to fight this genie gangster with this knife in my hand that is shredding my palm. Mostly I just ran around and yellled for someone to get me a glove. Woke up screaming, all that.

So that’s my dream. I’d welcome any kind of Jungian dream interpretation that anyone would like to lay on me, though I’ll probably just laugh at you if you do, since I don’t believe in any of that. Does it mean I really hate my father or something? Or wish I’d been a fireman? Let me know- I’m fascinated.

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