Abercrombie and Fitch

A&F have canceled their kiddie porno catalog, due, they say, to the desire for an exciting new campaign and having nothing to do at all with the boycotts and negative publicity they were getting.

I’m glad to hear it anyway, even if they don’t admit what seems to be the real cause. It shows that when a lot of people become aware of something, change can still happen, and that businesses can be forced to respond to the still mostly centrist ‘bourgeois’ morality of middle America.

If we as a Christian community think that there’s a lot going on in our culture that’s lamentable (and there is), we can make a difference. This proves it. We need to make our opinions known, and vote with our dollar. I’m not saying we’ve got to shut down every company not run by Christians or every company who supports anything we don’t agree with. But surely we can agree that the line’s got to be drawn somewhere, and if we can’t draw it at pornographic product catalogs targeted at youth, then where can we draw it?

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