BlogMadness 2003

BlogMadness is a tournament that’s being held for blog posts. Me being the relentless publicity hound that I am, I entered a piece- this one. I figured, I annoyed a lot of people with that article before- why not give it another go round?

Anyway, my opponent, interestingly, is also named Matt, and I have to say, he’s a heckuva nice guy. I know this mostly on the strength of the fact that he said nice things about me, despite his disagreement (strong disagreement, I gather) with my post, blog, and general philosophy of life. Check out his article and then vote (naturally for me 🙂 ). Voting opens Monday morning- 12 Midnight, actually if you’re up that late.

On another note, we saw Last Samurai tonight. Cool movie. Check back here for a complete review- if you’re lucky, tomorrow.

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