Happy New Year’s!

So, last night, Andrea and I watched a movie (Confidence). I had a little Scotch (Cutty Sark) and Andrea drank her tea. Then Andrea put Katie to bed. I played a few games of Age of Mythology and then I went to bed too. In other words, it was almost exactly like every other night. No Champagne at midnight, no dropping ball or Dick Clark or Times Square.

I didn’t miss it even a little bit. Life’s just too good right now to wish anything was different.

Confidence wasn’t very good. Too much totally gratuitous nudity, too little interesting character development, totally predictable plot twists. Dustin Hoffman was very creepy, Andy Garcia was interesting, Ed Burns was fine, but they’re just fiddling while Rome burns. It’s impossible to care about anyone in this movie, or about what happens. Even the surprise plot twists come exactly where they’re supposed to come, surprising no one. So I’d recommend it only if you’re big fans of the grifter genre, have no children and no delicate Christian sensibilities, have seen all the other much better movies of this genre like The Grifters and House of Games, and are really bored. On second thought, skip it anyway.

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