There is NO JUSTICE in the world. We are being run by a bunch of OLD LADIES who want us all to act like OLD LADIES too.

I was looking forward to a nice evening of Scotch and Vicadin (sort of the ‘Betty Ford special’), and I WAS ROBBED! DENIED! SHUT DOWN! The one nice thing about a major toothache, and it has to be spoiled. Apparently you’re not supposed to mix hard liquor and prescription painkillers. It’s frowned upon, I understand.

Well, maybe this one isn’t too extreme. I’m willing to consider the possibility, just to consider it mind you, that my plans for chemical Nirvana were perhaps not founded on wisdom. I tried to explain- I’ll be at home, not going anywhere, and livers grow back, I hear. But no dice.

Oh well. Vicadin rocks, even just by itself.

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