The week

Howdy Strangers!

Yes, I know I haven’t posted in a week. I had a week-long seminar-style class in Colorado Springs. It was an 8-hour class that met every day. So, doing that and keeping up with confirmation class, Bible study and at least a little bit of X-Box prevented me from blogging. I love blogging, but it has to fall a little bit down the priority list.

I actually intended to blog from class. It wouldn’t be live, but I could blog on what the professor was talking about and post it later. But the class proved to be interesting enough that I never wrote anything. Which was good- a class that can hold my attention for 8 straight hours a day for a whole week- well, that’s a good class.

But we’re back on the blogging bandwagon now. I’ve lost a good chunk of my regular daily traffic, which is unfortunate but not unexpected. I hope I can get it back faster than it took me the first time.

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