Dick Cheney on the war, Bush and Kerry

I think one of the best things about Bush is the great men with which he has surrounded himself. Cheney’s got a great speech here. An excerpt:

Sen. Kerry speaks often about the need for international cooperation, and has vowed to usher in a “golden age of American diplomacy.” He is fond of mentioning that some countries did not support America’s actions in Iraq. Yet of the many nations that have joined our coalition–allies and friends of the United States–Sen. Kerry speaks with open contempt. Great Britain, Australia, Italy, Spain, Poland and more than 20 other nations have contributed and sacrificed for the freedom of the Iraqi people. Sen. Kerry calls these countries, quote, “window dressing.” They are, in his words, “a coalition of the coerced and the bribed.”

Many questions come to mind, but the first is this: How would Sen. Kerry describe Great Britain–coerced, or bribed? Or Italy–which recently lost 19 citizens, killed by terrorists in Najaf–was Italy’s contribution just window dressing? If such dismissive terms are the vernacular of the golden age of diplomacy Sen. Kerry promises, we are left to wonder which nations would care to join any future coalition. He speaks as if only those who openly oppose America’s objectives have a chance of earning his respect. Sen. Kerry’s characterization of our good allies is ungrateful to nations that have withstood danger, hardship, and insult for standing with America in the cause of freedom.

I like that- If Kerry’s so pro-diplomacy, why does he go around insulting our best allies?

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