Movie Review: Hollywood Homicide

Hollywood Homicide is an action / comedy about a couple of cops in Hollywood. It’s a pretty run of the mill action movie for the most part. A murder at a hip-hop club leads the detectives to delve into the shady side of the record business. One of the detectives is being investigated for corruption and another is having an identity crisis about being a cop. One is old, one is young. One’s a pro, one’s just a rookie. One’s a ladies’ man, the other’s an old fuddy-duddy. All pretty routine, and in fact there’s kind of a self-conscious effort to poke fun at the buddy-cop genre.

What makes it a little unusual is that both of the cops are involved in different side activities. Harrison Ford’s character is trying to sell real estate on the side to pay for his many divorces and bad investments, and Josh Hartnett is teaching yoga and getting into acting- he claims to broaden his horizons, but it’s mostly for the girls. There’s a running gag through the movie about cell phones- they both have them constantly and they’re constantly ringing.

This is a short review, because there’s not much to say really about this movie. It’s fun and enjoyable. Watch out for a sex scene and some language- it earns its PG-13, but it’s not too bad. I feel this movie already fading into the sunset- there’s not a lot to hold the viewer’s attention, but I enjoyed it while it was on. 2 1/2 out of 5.

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