Those Worthless Dungbags

Reuters has an article here about how pollsters think that the recent Iraq images will change people’s minds about the war, presumably just as it did back in Somalia in 1993. That’s right, a “news story” about POLLSTERS speculating about what people MIGHT think. Does this seem even the slightest bit self-serving?

Maybe, Reuters, if you tell people often enough how they ought to react to a given stimulus, maybe they’ll react the way you’d like them to. I’m sure some people will.

Maybe, on the other hand, the experience of having an actual adult in the White House, having a real reason for being there, and having seen first hand on one sunny September morning the result of running everytime someone kicks us in the shin, will give the American people a different response this time. Maybe it will make people actually want to win this time. Maybe it will remind people that we’re in an actual war, with people who enjoy destroying life, and that we absolutely have to win, or one day those people will be celebrating a nuclear weapon going off in one of our cities. The people who did this will not be happy when we leave Iraq, or when we abandon Israel, or when we close all the bases. They will be happy when we are all dead.

A quote, paraphrasing from a Jew who was asked what he’d learned from the Holocaust: When people say they are going to kill you, believe them. We might have learned the same from 9/11. Many people did.

But not, apparently, Reuters.

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