I was gone all last week to our Synodical meeting in Wisconsin. Glad that’s over. It was a great meeting, and I met a lot of people in my denomination for the first time, but it’s very tiring, and hard to be away from the fam for that long.

I have two new sermons posted on the website. The first one is from Acts 5, and is the story of Ananias and Sapphira. I deal with the question of how much we do owe to God, and how much we can keep for ourselves. The answer, of course, is that we owe God everything, and can hold nothing back for ourselves. This doesn’t mean that we owe the church everything, but that we owe God everything. We should serve God with all of our money, whether it’s by tithing, by charitable giving, by taking care of our family, investing, or even going out for burgers. We must be thankful in all that we do, and do all in faith.

The second sermon is on the second half of Acts, and addresses the subject of apologetics.

The link for both of these sermons is on the sidebar.

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