Gays in the Church

The Dunker Journal speculates about why, after the UMC ruling reaffirming that homosexuality is antiscriptural, don’t the gays just pull out of all of their various denominations and form their own church?

The answer, I believe, is that they are not interested in just being tolerated, but they are interested in subverting all organizations that are opposed to their lifestyle. I really don’t think they’re going to rest until all remnant of hostility to their beliefs are destroyed. Otherwise, why join a denomination that you know is hostile to your beliefs? I wouldn’t join the Mormons and then try to subvert their views. I join churches that are compatible with my beliefs, and promote my beliefs from within that organization. This is what any honest believer in some system of belief does. Joining another organization with the intention of subverting that organization is the behavior of a dishonest man, but this is what the gays are doing.

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