Bush’s reasons vindicated (again)

I suppose they’ll keep saying Bush lied about the war, but the evidence continues to mount.

Fox reports on a document discovered that says Iraq and Al Qaeda worked together to undermine the Saudi regime. (One kind of wishes they succeeded, but oh well). We already had lots on this, but this is just one more piece of evidence.

And in addition to these WMDs they found in May, here’s some more found since then.

So, link between Al Qaeda and Saddam- check.

Iraq had chemical, biological and nuclear weapons programs- check.

And the third reason- the humanitarian violations- well, we already knew all about those. But that’s just brownies killing brownies. Why should we care about that?

UPDATE: On the subject of terrorist ties, there’s this, too: The warning that Russia’s Putin gave Bush about possible terrorist attacks from Saddam Hussein. (Link requires registration.)

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