No More Ladies Night

A judge in New Jersey has ruled that ‘Ladies Night’ at local nightclubs is discrimination. As the law seems to be operating today, I guess it is. It was only a matter of time, I suppose. We gave our government the right to engineer society according to some arbitrary set of principles a long time ago, so we shouldn’t be surprised when they actually do it.

What about “Curves”, a ladies-only health club? What about women-only colleges? One suspects that they went after the night clubs first because the behavior police can’t stand the idea of anyone having fun.

Now the whole idea of ‘Ladies Night’ is, of course, rather distasteful. The marketing idea is, as I understand it, that if you get lots of ladies in and let them get drunk for free (relatively cheap, as it doesn’t take too much with most ladies), then the guys will take care of themselves. The guys will happily go and pay cover charges and buy lots of overpriced drinks if they know there will be lots of liquored-up women there. A fool and his money are soon partying. Yes, it’s distasteful. But criminal?

I guess we can thank the Christian progressives of the last century for so thoroughly indoctrinating this country with the idea that anything we find morally distasteful should also be illegal. The church is the light of the world, and if that light becomes darkness, it’s a very great darkness.

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