Tea Party

I had my first ever tea party yesterday. Growing up with five brothers, there wasn’t a lot of opportunity for tea parties or the like.

But Katie got a tea set for her birthday (2!) and wanted someone to accompany her. So I had tea with Katie, and Pooh Bear, and several un-named baby dolls. It was quite the cultural experience. I definitely feel broadened.

So maybe I’m the only guy in the world who’s never been to a tea party before, but I bet not. So for those of you out of the know, what you do at a tea party is, you have a little tray (no table yet), and everyone sits around the tray (or is propped up in some cases) and everyone has a different cup with matching saucer (some of the babies shared). Then you pour a little cream in the cups, spoon a little sugar, and pour some tea (Katie’s teapot sings a song when you do this- no lousy non-singing teapots for my baby!). Then everyone drinks a little tea. Then, probably, someone might get a little overexcited and start throwing things and knocking the other babies over. I am told most tea parties end this way.

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