And… we’re back. (Kind of.)

We got back from Florida Saturday night. It was a great vacation, but as is always the case, I was glad to be getting home.

That was until I got home, anyway. I’m having some renovation work done on my house, and was assured that I would not need to move out of the house while I was there. It turns out that that’s the case as long as I don’t need any water or need to use the bathroom. They cut my sewer and water line and I don’t know how long it will be until it’s hooked up again.

Some good friends are putting us up right now, (Thanks!) but there’s really no substitute for home. So this is kind of a bummer.

But I got a reality check Sunday night. We were sitting in the hotel room we’d gotten for the first two nights, feeling sorry for ourselves, and saw this. At least we have a home, even if it’s not working properly right now. And at least we have great friends to help us out. God is good.

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