Blogging from Florida

I am writing this from Kissimmee, Florida. It’s day four of our Disneyworld vacation, and we’re taking the day off.

We’ve been having a great time. Katie’s been loving it, and that’s probably the best part of the thing, watching her have fun. I never thought I’d enjoy Flying Dumbo as much as I did yesterday. We’ll post some pictures.

The politics get a little old. It seems like every time you turn around here, you’re being told how the new Tower of Babel is going to be built (communications, tolerance, responsible energy use, etc). And Epcot Center’s kind of funny- kind of an anachronism in a way, since it’s all about blatant corporate sponsorship. It’s like you’re just walking around through a series of well-done marketing presentations (Exxon-Mobil’s Future of Energy, AT&T’s Spaceship Earth, etc). And if Katie were a little older, I’d have to spend a lot of time debunking all the lies we heard every day. But it’s been a lot of fun anyway. I’ll post a few pics when I get back.

It’s like pulling teeth to get Katie to give her own uncle a hug, but you can’t hardly stop her from running up to Buzz Lightyear.

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