Media bias part #30583920

Look at this story. It’s a story about Bush and Kerry trading jabs. The headline is “Bush, Kerry twist each other’s words”. I’m not going to get into whether or not either is really twisting the other’s words. But an hour ago, the headline was “Bush twists Kerry’s words”. I almost wrote a piece then, but it was just so boring, I didn’t bother. Then I see the change. Apparently it was just a little too much, even for the AP.

And you have to get down to the bottom third of the story before you read about any Kerry perfidy. The first four items are about Bush. They should have just left the old headline on- it was truer to the actual story. I’d have a lot more respect for these guys if they’d just stop pretending to be neutral, and start openly endorsing a candidate (Kerry).

One thought on “Media bias part #30583920

  1. I also saw it when the headline was Bush twists Kerry’s words. And you are correct it would be better if they just told the truth and said, “yes we support Kerry.”

    But sometimes I think that they don’t even realize it. They just think they are neutral.

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