No More Travel

Sunday after church I drove about 7 hours to Rapid City, SD and then in the morning another 5 hours to Mitchell, SD for my ordination examination Monday afternoon.

I stayed in a hotel Monday night and then drove another 12 hours straight through back home to Limon. So that’s about 1300 miles round trip in three days with an ordination exam thrown in in the middle, and all with a two-year-old in the car. And I made myself sick again in the process.

It’s been quite an interesting three weeks. One week in Florida, then back home to find that I had no utilities in my house, so that led to one week at a friend’s house. Then the trip to South Dakota, and finally back home. That’s almost three weeks away from my own bed.

But the good news is, I passed my examination, and I’m also thrilled that they’re finally making some progress on the house. The yard looks like it got hit by a tornado- the one part of the lawn that isn’t covered in huge piles of dirt and rubbish is being used as a road by the backhoe- but just so we’re making progress.

I’m not going anywhere for like three years if I can help it, though.

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