Scrappleface wins again

I’ve been trying to say this for ages, and then Scrappleface comes along, and says it with satire better than I ever have.

“Of course, we can’t assert anything positively about Monsieur Derrida’s recent failure to exist,” said Mr. Chirac, “We can’t even state that he ever did exist, since he may have been a mere metaphysical projection of our own prejudices against absolutes. However, in as much as we may categorically claim anything–Mr. Derrida will not likely be showing up for work tomorrow. Although, who is to say?”

One thought on “Scrappleface wins again

  1. I started to read a book on deconstructionism once, but quit after the first few pages – too boring. All it kept repeating was, “deconstructionism is wrong, deconstructionism is wrong.”

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