That ol’ Double Standard

You know that show that Sinclair Broadcasting is airing that slams Kerry?

If that is an “in-kind contribution”, how is Springsteen’s Vote For Change tour not an in-kind contribution?

Don’t get me wrong. I think they all ought to be legal. But this is just exactly the kind of gamemanship that people predicted when Campaign Finance was passed. I hope McCain has woken up- his bill is just being used as a way of shutting some people up (conservatives) while liberals still get to shout as loud as they want.

One thought on “That ol’ Double Standard

  1. Yeah, and when will Bush / Cheney be on Leno?

    What would have happened had Bush wanted to speak/preach at the churches that Kerry’s been to?

    Farenheit 911?… that was just an objective documentary.

    Sidenote: check out this link for a humorous synopsis of Kerry’s flip-flops.

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