Maybe our folks were right…

The Chicago Tribune has this story about schools trying to do something about the sexually explicit dancing and music that goes on at so many high school dances, and the obscene clothes so many high school kids wear today. The article included this quote, from someone who predictably thought this is no big deal:

Some, however, say modern critics of teen dancing and attire are the equivalent of those in the 1950s who wanted to stop Elvis from shaking his hips.

Perhaps it is. And perhaps that means that our parents were right to be concerned about Elvis. Perhaps they knew what it would lead to.

It’s like if your mom tells you that sugar will rot your teeth, and you laugh her off, thinking she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, and then ten years later your teeth are full of cavities and your dentist says it’s all the sugar you ate that did it. And you say, “That’s stupid- it sounds just like what my mom said ten years ago.”

One thought on “Maybe our folks were right…

  1. The slippery slope argument certainly applies. Having supervised quite a few high school dances, I found it got harder and harder for anyone to enjoy the festivities since I had to constantly walk around and separate the dancers. Students having sex on the dance floor is the next logical step if it isn’t already happening (as implied in the article). I think school could come up with more creative and healthy activities for students to have fun for $60+ a couple.

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