What a Week.

I haven’t been able to blog since last week. First I didn’t have Internet for a while, because of the work they’re doing on my house. Then I’ve been in Colorado Springs most of the rest of the week, doing various things, seeing the dentist, waiting for people to not show up to appointments they’ve made. Nothing like driving an hour to get stood up.

This Sunday I served the Lord’s Supper for the first time. I haven’t had the Lord’s Supper in way too long, and the people here have had it only irregularly for the last year or so. It’s good to get back to doing it regularly.

Next week it’s off to Wyoming for Thanksgiving. The big Hager Family Thanksgiving. My in-laws always have a much larger production for holidays than I’m used to. There are pros and cons to that, I think. Fun, but exhausting. At least it’s exhausting for me to watch them doing all the work. They seem to mostly enjoy it, actually.

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