Channeling Lileks

Today I saw my first “big media” article published. Okay, maybe not big media, but old media, anyway. I got an article published in the Limon Leader. Hooray!

This is a paper that is about half high school sports news. The rest of it is community items, classifieds, reports on town council meetings, and even some notes about who visited which aunt in what town. Pretty exciting stuff. But the advantage of a paper like this is that it has exactly zero chance of being scooped by national papers or Internet sources. There is literally no place to go for news in Limon except the Limon Leader.

I heard it said once that the future of print newspapers will likely be local news that can’t be found anywhere else. If that’s so, then the Limon Leader is the wave of the future.

The article was the beginning of a new feature in the paper called “The Pastor’s Corner”, and is written by different pastors in town each week. The fun thing about this article was that while I was writing it, I could talk about this being a “one column day”, like another blogger with a slightly larger readership than mine.

I bet he doesn’t have to write sermons and Bible studies, though.

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