The Darn Floor about the Darn Tsunami

Drew from the perplexingly named Darn Floor links and quotes a William Safire piece about the tsunami and God’s involvement in it, and comments on it.

I wrote a post
about the book of Job a while back which you might find relevant as well. Drew points out the fact that Job’s trust in God is a much more important element of the story than the happy ending, and he’s right. But I don’t think it’s just tacked on- it shows that God has good things in mind for His people, but we have to learn to trust Him first. In the story of Job, we see that played out in terms of earthly blessings, just as the curses that came on him were earthly curses. But it points us to a spiritual truth, that God brings suffering on us for His own purposes, but that when we learn to trust Him with all things, we see that He works our good through everything that happens.

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