The Iraqi Elections

DarkSyde and I, who could disagree about whether the sun rises in the east or not (He’s wrong, BTW, got no epistemological basis for saying it does), have found something to agree on.

I’d like to ask a favor: Regardless of one’s political inclination, irrespective of your confidence in the electoral process employed, or the decision to invade and occupy Iraq, no matter what the outcome, let us all stand united in our admiration for those courageous Iraqi’s who will brave gunfire, RPGs, bombs, and reprisal, to determine their own fate? For they choose to do so in bold defiance of promised violence and certain intimidation.

I absolutely agree. And he’s written a fine article on the subject.

One criticism I have heard frequently from the left is that you can’t create a democracy with bombs. And on that score, they’re correct. But we did give them an opportunity to do so. Whatever all the possible pros and cons of going to war; whatever all the positive or negative consequences this war has for us or for the War on Terror or for our European alliances or for the Middle East; whatever all the moral ramifications of the choices we made; the Iraqis now have a chance to create a democracy for themselves, and it is truly only they who can do so.

I am optimistic. Real progress has been made in Afghanistan, who for all the problems that remain there, have had a real election. Even the Palestinians had an election. It would be an act of courage and hope for an Iraqi to go out into the streets tomorrow and risk death in order to try to create something more hopeful, more free, than has been present in that sad corner of the world for a long time. I am hoping that this last year of insurgency and violence has taught the Iraqis that the Jihadists and Islamists do not have their good in mind, but rather desire to bring them back into the brutal slavery they have endured for so long. Opinion seems to be divided on how positively the Iraqis view us. But that’s not all that important to me in the long run. The main question is, how do they view themselves?

If it fails, it will be because people let their hatred of the other overwhelm their desire for the good of all; and as ultimately irrational as such an impulse is, it has destroyed many societies before.

I’ll add one thing I know DS wouldn’t agree with: May God bless them, and may He work His will in that place, giving them peace and a chance to build a nation that is safe and free.

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  1. Matt is too modest. Late last night, before any other Big Blogs had signed onto that statement, he was the second one, behind Mark Olson, to do so. TY for the support Matt!

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