Reading for Pleasure

This was a good idea. A resolution I have kept, and enjoyed keeping.

I’ve picked up a number of books that people have suggested, including book five of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, Wolves of the Calla. I’m about halfway through, and for Stephen King readers, you know that means I’ve already burned through about five hundred pages. I almost forgot what it’s like to read something you can’t put down. Non-fiction never does that. There are of course a lot of books I’ve really enjoyed, but any non-fiction gets me tired after twenty or thirty pages at a stretch. But a really good story- Like I said, I’d almost forgotten.

I think Stephen King is a fantastic storyteller, and the funny thing is that despite the fact that he’s known as a horror writer, most of his best stuff is not horror. I think his best stuff of all is the Gunslinger series, and thank you brother Josh for reminding me to finish it. Josh told me he thought it was good for people to branch out, read lots of different kinds of things, keep the old synapses firing in new and interesting ways. I think he’s right, and I think that was kind of the feeling that led me to make the resolution. It’s nice to get a break from theology, counseling books and blog articles on the war. Really nice.

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