US Army to put women in close combat proximity

The US Army, apparently not realizing that a war is perhaps not the best time for social experimentation, is skirting the law to put mixed-gender support units in direct proximity to combat areas. Elaine Donnely comments on NRO:

“Under current regulations, women cannot be forced to serve in smaller direct ground-combat units such as infantry or armor battalions, or in companies that collocate with them. If the Defense Department wants to change these rules, law requires that the secretary must notify Congress no less than 30 legislative days in advance, when both houses are in session. Despite the “collocation rule” and the congressional notification law, the Army is unilaterally assigning women to previously all-male forward-support companies in its new “unit of action” land combat teams, which are key to the Army’s “transformation” to a lighter, faster force.”

I sincerely hope that this action gets all of the negative attention that it deserves.

One thought on “US Army to put women in close combat proximity

  1. Anonymous says:

    Could be disastrous. Soldiers are trained not to blink when comrade goes down in the foxhole. If one soldier gets shot and the other puts down his gun to help the wounded soldier, the unit breaks down. Imagine a battlefield where you fight alongside your girlfriend or fiance and you are forced to choose between saving her life and fighting onward.

    Heartless monsters make better infrantry. God bless ’em.

    Dan Cummings

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