I haven’t posted much for a while, because my internet connection has been very bad. Also, I just haven’t had a lot to say. I’ve been doing nothing but argue with atheists for a while, and that saps me.

So tonight, I got an email from someone in South Africa who wanted to transfer $125 million dollars to the US, and needed someone to help, and he would give me a percentage if I could work it out. Whenever I check my spam filter, I have about thirty of these in there, but this one made it through. Not really news, right?

But I actually thought about it. I thought, “what if this one is legit?” Can you believe that? I’ve gotten maybe five hundred of these emails, and even posted on the scam, and still, one comes through, and for a second, I THINK ABOUT IT.

If that’s not proof of the depravity of man, I don’t know what is. My greed overcame all of my common sense and experience and moral precepts, if just for a second or two. It’s always good now and then to get a reminder that I need the Spirit not just to start me on the journey but to finish it too.

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