Imago Dei answers NARAL challenge

Serge at Imago Dei has written a great response to a challenge from NARAL for all pro-life supporters to support Harry Reid’s bill for government funding for contraceptives:

It should be self evident that any effort to “Put Prevention First” should concentrate on the methods most effective in decreasing pregnancy.

That why I was surprised that Senator Reid’s bill focuses mainly on increasing access to contraception. The idea that increasing contraceptive use as the major strategy in reducing pregnancy is severely flawed. Pregnancy is not a pathological disease that indiscriminately strikes unsuspecting women. Pregnancy is the natural consequence of chosen human behavior (excepting the rare cases of pregnancy by rape). You seem to want to treat pregnancy as a disease, in which we need more medication to battle. However, I suggest that we treat pregnancy like other behavior related issues, and concentrate not on the flawed pharmacological means of decreasing pregnancy, but on the behavioral aspects of human sexuality. In other words, our most way to decrease pregnancy is to discourage behavior that results in pregnancy.

Read the whole thing.

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