Yes, I know I haven’t posted in a long time. Get off my back.

I felt guilty for a while for not posting. And then I remembered- Oh, that’s right- this is a hobby. I do this for free. Why should I be a slave to my Sitemeter? I haven’t had anything to say. So why say something just for the sake of saying it? Also my internet connection is absolutely ridiculous, and it takes a long time to upload even a simple article. I hopefully will be getting a new connection soon.

If anyone really wants me to post, send me a check for $20. For $50, I’ll post on whatever subject you want. For $100, I’ll even advance your position on the issue, pretending it’s mine.

I will surely post again soon. I sense the checks flowing in now. Check back soon.

3 thoughts on “Posting

  1. Anonymous says:

    ah, little did i know this was a religious blog. That’s what I get for being online early in the morning.

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