Extremely Unpleasant Experience

So I was in the grocery store in Colorado Springs yesterday, doing some shopping, and I had an extremely unpleasant experience. My role in the grocery shopping experience is usually limited to pushing the cart around and playing with Katie, so I wasn’t really paying much attention to my surroundings.

I saw one of those little displays that they have sticking out from the shelves, and it had a little circle of material and the display said something like “feel the softness!” So, being a compliant person by nature, I felt the softness.

Then I looked up and realized what section I was in- women’s hygiene.


3 thoughts on “Extremely Unpleasant Experience

  1. Anonymous says:

    So I was in a Grocery store yesterday and saw a wheelchair bound woman struggling to get an item off of a top shelf. I went to assist, and handed her the item. Poise. Why did they put this on a high shelf? They should pay men for hazerdous duty, when the go to a grocery store.

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