Marriage Vows

I guess there’s a trend out there to change the marriage vow from “As long as we both shall live” to “As long as our love shall last”. Which is yet more justification for my decision to never perform a wedding for anyone who insists on writing their own vows.

Good article on the subject from Imago Dei.

Hm… maybe I’ve started blogging again.

2 thoughts on “Marriage Vows

  1. I am a contract administrator by trade. Perhaps I will start inserting contractual clauses that stipulate my company will keep paying…as long as we feel like it. That would be called breech of contract and we would be annihilated in a court law. It is funny how our culture considers the family covenant of much less importance than a business contract. A society cannot continue to thrive with such an unstable foundation. You are wise to insist on the traditional vows.


  2. Wow ! I was not aware of this trend.

    Says something about the absence of realy committment in our culture…

    Grace and Peace to you,

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