More about the Philippines

I thought since I said some kind of negative things about the Philippines, in all fairness I should point out some of the good points.

The people were very friendly and hospitable. People that had no connection to the work we were doing and didn’t know me at all were inviting my family out to stay with them next time. One gentleman, Raul, who was the brother-in-law of the other pastor I went with, tried to take us to some fantastic resorts in the Philippines, that never worked out because of our busy schedule. And the mother-in-law of one of the Filipino pastors told me that anytime I was in the Philippines, I HAD to come see her.

Also, the food was amazing. It’s a little hard to get very good seafood in Colorado, but the seafood there was probably the best I ever had. Lots of different kinds of fish, crab, clams and other stuff.

Speaking of the food, there is one dish I wouldn’t try- Balut. It’s a duck egg, and they eat it after the duck has partially formed inside the egg. I’m brave, but not that brave.

4 thoughts on “More about the Philippines

  1. P. Powell says:

    Your commnets didn’t seem really negative, just informational. We need to learn to be a more thankful people, don’t we?

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