You know, I think everyone knows that I’ve been as big a supporter of the Iraq war as you could really ask for.

But I say, the minute they pass an Islamic constitution, that’s the minute we pull all the troops out.

Or maybe instead, that’s the minute we take that constitution and use it for birdcage liner, and say, “Nice try boys. Get in there and give it another shot.”

I did NOT support this war so that we could have another religious dictatorship in the Middle East. I’m not sure if that’s what we’re going to get, but I’ve heard some disturbing reports along those lines. It seems to me that ensuring that Iraq has a secular democratic government set up in place of the dictatorship they were under is all part of finishing the job. I really hope we don’t leave without finishing the job. But if we’re going to let them set up a government run by Islamic principles, then we shouldn’t spend another penny or another drop of blood over there.

Update: If this is right, maybe I don’t have as much to worry about as I thought. It’s an interesting article at any rate, and also touches on federalism and oil in the new Iraq.

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